Willow Stream Signature Expressions bring together the key elements of face and body as one. We place a careful emphasis on our guests feeling locally connected while encouraging relaxation to restore their personal energies, resulting in feeling revived.

Welina Journey – 120 minutes
“Welina” meaning Welcome is used to describe this unforgettable experience beginning with a traditional ti-leaf energy clearing which symbolizes the beginning of a new path. Your journey starts with a pa’akai salt scrub performed on our state-of-the-art vichy table complete with a warm water mattress and infra-red light therapy, and finishes with a traditional Lomilomi massage. This is the perfect way to begin your Hawaiian immersion.

Natural Hawaiian Journey (Huaka’i Kūpono Hawai’i) – 120 minutes
As a local tradition native Hawaiians used an abundance of rich flora, fruits, earth deposits and waters in their purest form to maintain health and well-being. Your therapist takes you through this journey using locally-grown rich ingredients. The skin is first exfoliated with an invigorating ‘alaea Hawaiian salt scrub continued with an application of nutrient-rich clay body mask, to replace lost nutrients. Feel yourself drift away as we wrap you in soothing ki (ti leaves) and drizzle your scalp and hair with an invigorating citrus mask to nourish the scalp. Your experience is complete with an application of Maui vanilla bean and coconut body butter to the body, leaving you replenished and radiant.