‘Awa Remedy – 90 minutes
Inspired by the Makahiki season of ancient Hawai‘i that took place each fall for four months. Warriors relieved bodily tension with various herbs and tonics, including the locally grown ‘awa root. This experience includes a Hawaiian citrus sugar scrub that prepares the skin for optimal absorption of our ‘awa aloe body mask. A foot and scalp massage will melt away tension while a tension-relief massage with vanilla bean dry oil restores the warrior in you. *Available as a couple’s experience

Aroma ‘Ili‘ili Intuitive Balancing – 90 minutes
Infuse your senses with island mana (life energy); ginger and bamboo are used to exfoliate the body followed by an intuitive balancing aroma massage. Your selection of an organic essential oil and healing ‘ili‘ili stones determines the focus of this grounding and relaxing experience. Emphasis is placed on an acupressure massage of the scalp, neck, shoulders and feet. Includes a therapeutic sound-bowl ritual to balance and enliven your energy.

Energizing Detox Body Wrap – 90 minutes
Re-energize, detoxify, and refine and firm body contours. An exclusive dry-brush technique exfoliates the skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation, and promotes the absorption of clinically tested slimming actives. Nutrient-rich algae is applied to the body, followed by a deeply relaxing head massage; next, an exclusive slimming massage and serum with ginger and caffeine stimulate circulation and activate lipolysis. This firming experience finishes with an application of hydrating multi-vitamin firming crème.

Hawaiian Pa‘akai – 60 minutes
In ancient Hawai‘i, pa‘akai (sea salt) was gathered from dry pools along the island’s coastlines. Hawaiian sea salt contains more than 80 minerals, and is considered to be one of the three most mineral-rich salts available. Healing sea salt is mixed with organic coconut oil and locally grown green papaya and lemongrass, which leaves skin smooth and hydrated. Rinse under our state-of-the-art vichy shower, with infra-red light therapy. An application of rich Hawaiian coconut oil completes the treatment.

Nourishing Avocado Wrap – 60 minutes
Pure avocado is the secret ingredient to this ultra hydrating wrap and massage. Avocado oil, shea butter and green tea, known for their anti-aging and antioxidant properties moisturize and soothe the skim. Beneficial for dry, sun-exposed or aging skin.