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In ancient Hawai‘i, well-being was achieved by honoring nature, people and  akua (spiritual beings), all of which were valued and connected. Each entity had mana (power or life energy) that flowed from themselves to others. Keeping these entities connected resulted in a sacred balance that helped to maintain a healthy way of life for centuries. Offering locally inspired experiences that combine Maui-sourced products, oils and herbs with ancient Hawaiian tradition, Willow Stream Spa aims to uplift your spirit and restore your mana.

‘Ala Lani

‘Ala Lani is a Maui-based, family-owned company that crafts its products by hand selecting the best organic Hawaiian ingredients whenever possible, no artificial scents added. They are dedicated to creating products that awaken the senses and envelop your body in tropical delight.

Outdoor Cabanas

Our three outdoor spa cabanas provide a memorable experience only found on Maui. Surrounded by the stunning view of the resort grounds and soft sounds of the ocean’s rolling waves, our Oceanside, Poolside, or Garden Cabanas are the perfect escape for individuals. Choose from any of our massages (except Willow Stream Stone Massage and Maternity Massage).

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