Advanced Technology

Willow Stream Spa Maui offers the latest in spa technology. Spa services have been specifically developed to provide immediate results with detoxification, cleansing or anti-aging processes.

K-Lift, Age-Management System

The Ultimate in Age-Renewing Facials
Experience a Non-Surgical Facelift with the pioneering technology of K-Lift, Age-Management System. If you are looking for immediate lifting and firming, reduced lines and wrinkles and visibly younger-looking skin, we invite you to book a Tighten and Transform K-Lift treatment or series today. Choose from a 60 or 90 minute treatment. Plus add an Express Treatment to any facial for enhanced results.

What is K-Lift, Age-Management System?
An advanced machine technology that provides age-renewing solutions after one treatment – a non-surgical facelift effect. The system integrates the strength of three modalities of energy– LED + Impulse MicroCurrent + Product Infusion to target the underlying causes associated with aging.

What results can be expected?
All layers of the skin are targeted to generate visible results:
• Visibly younger-looking skin
• Increased elastic + collagen
• Toned + tightened facial contours
• Reduced lines + wrinkles

WaveMotion Massage

Developed by teams at NASA, Willow Stream Spa’s revolutionary WaveMotion massage table is one of five in North America. The unique treatment table tilts, rotates and rocks to create a weightless sensation, much like floating on water. Therapists are trained to use joint-release techniques, providing the ability to stretch clients’ muscles more effectively than traditional massage. WaveMotion massages are performed clothed and are perfect for athletes.

Wailele (Waterfall) Suite With Vichy Shower

Willow Stream Spa’s Vichy Shower offers a hydro experience unlike any other. Individual nozzles offer 6 warm water streams that cover the entire body. A heated water bed results in a completely relaxing experience, and LED light technology offers variations of healing light throughout the treatment. With body treatments inspired by earth and water, the Wailele Suite will provide the perfect combination of Hawaiian rainfall and technology.

Experience Showers Inspired by Maui Rain

Ancient Hawaiians had over 20 different names for types of Hawaiian rain. Willow Stream Spa has developed unique rain shower experiences to emulate these variations of rain found on Maui. The Men’s heat & hydro area offers the Wai Hu’ihu’i (Cool Down Shower), a perfect way to cool down after the steam or sauna, as well as the warm Ua Loku (Power Shower). The Women’s heat & hydro area shower series guides you through a full day of Hawaiian rain. Begin with Ua Noe (Morning Mist), followed by Ua Nāulu (Afternoon Rain) and finish with the Ua Hekili (Evening Storm) Shower, which offers sound and LED light technology.


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